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8th-Nov-2014 02:26 pm - Mod Post: Important

MARCH 22, 2012 - Sorry everyone. This is still active. I've been busy the last few weeks and without help I haven't been able to work on Part 5. Hopefully I can get back to that soon.


Filled Prompts
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Unfilled Prompts
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4


Please note that some fills may contain mature themes that may not be for everyone, this include; non-con, violence, character deaths, touchy subjects etc.

If we missed anything, feel free to comment on the right part. Also feel free to tell us if any fills are de-anoned.

I'm currently working on this by myself so it make take me a while to complete indexing all the parts. So please be patient with me. :)
8th-Feb-2012 03:29 pm - [Part 04] Unfilled Prompts
Unfilled Requests
Alfred the fundamentalist.
America's an aspie.
America during his civil war. Self harm.
America has a nightmare about being mistaken for Canada.
America - Octavian Nothing.
America, Spanish.
America – Superdickery.
America (+ Others{?}) – True Blood - Not all vampires sparkle.
America and the Philadelphia experiment.
Nations going through puberty.
Run Alfred, run.
US Constitution.

Alfred/Arthur - Alfred forces Arthur to sing the American national anthem during sex.
Alfred/Central European Country - Proving the awesomeness of ketchup by using it during sex.
Alfred/Fem!Japan AU – Alfred flirts with Fem!Japan.
America/Anyone - Alfred imitates Matt in order to escape some foreign relations problems.
America/Anyone - Alfred messing around/lambasting someone's country name/city name, the other gets them back.
America/Anyone(Canada?) – ‘California’ doesn’t co-operate during sex.
America/Anyone - Lawyerese!Alfred.
America/Anyone – Others reactions to orphan trains of America.
America/Anyone - "Smile. It's the second best thing you can do with your lips."
America/Australia/Canada – Lost in the swamps of America's Deep South.
America/Britannia Angel - The wings are an erogenous zone.
America and Canada at an anime convention.
America/Canada – Canada tops America.
America/Canada - Extremely Possessive America.
America/Canada - farewell to their special relationship.
America/Canada – Granting (Canadian) Citizenship.
America/China - America gives China a Hummer.
America/England – Adult dating Sim.
America and England, America as Dorothy Gale and England as Alice.
America/England - America asks England to tell him what "grandpa" Roman Empire was like.
America/England – America discovers his true feelings for England.
America and England's - Britain's Roswell (Rendlesham Forest Incident).
America/England (or whoever) – Coming to 'God Bless The USA'.
America/England - Cooking Mama.
America/England - England (accidently?) getting turned into a child with America being forced to take care of him.
America/England, Isolationism during the 1920s and 1930s.
America/England - Statistically, most English men are not circumcised, while most American men are.
America and England somehow switch bodies.
America/England – Watching ‘Love Actually’ together.
America and Greece. Greece was the one to lay down the foundations of modern democracy, and America wants to thank him in some way.
America/Korea – ADHD.
America/Lithuania – Nice, romantic love.
America/North Italy - Over the hood of a car.
America/Other – Geography fail.
America/Other(s) - Post WWII(?) Sadistic!America.
America/Poland - 'I will like totally make you remember me!'
America and Prussia have AWESOME sex in a Hummer.
America and Sealand – Brotherly bonding.
America and Sweden change glasses and personalities.
America and Sweden - Swedish pop music.
America/Ukraine - America obsessing over Ukraine's big breasts.
America takes all of Canada’s drugs. Canada flips out.
Anyone/America - America takes another country to see an autumn in New England.
Anyone/America; Ghosts.
Anyone (Canada)/America – Mpreg. Not knowing until labor.
Anyone – Mistaking America for Canada.
Artfill – America/Anyone - American Gothic.
Arthur, Woodstock, and Counter Culture!America.
Canada/America – Canada sings ‘Canada is really big’.
Canada x America - Canada wants America to remember who he is. (Canada tops)
Canada/America – Matt sings to Alfred and has a complaint.
Canada/America – Turning partner on, without knowing.
CanadaxUKxUS - War Brides post WWII.
Canada/US – Canada enjoys the attention.
Colonial!America/Colonial!Canada – Overprotective Big Brother Alfred.
Colonial!America/UK - Colonial America manages to top England.
Dentist!America with Patient!Canada.
England/America – America crying out in Spanish during sex.
England/America - England gets involved with Revolutionary War reenactment group, in order to try to play things out differently.
England/America - England transforms into a werewolf during sex if he ever does it doggy style.
England/America, one sided, Arthur fapping while on the phone with Alfred and trying to hide it.
England/America – Pirate AU - Past lovers that get stuck together somehow, somewhere, and old emotions come to the surface.
England, America – Refusing Tea.
England/America - Reverse!Glasses kink.
England/America - Teen!America starts to have sexual thoughts about England and is creped out by them.
England/Baby!America angst - small pox.
England/teen!America – Spanking.
France + America – France ‘corrupts’ Colonial!America’s mind.
France/America - France telling America off for continually hurting England’s feelings.
JapanXAmerica – Bondage sex.
JapanxAmerica - Japan tries to convince America to take a stronger stance against North Korea.
Japan and America make a date to watch Star Trek.
JapanxAmerica – Trying to woo America.
Japan/US: Whenever America feels pleasure he accidentally hurts Japan from his mindless flailing.
Jealous France/America – Jealous over America’s relationship with England.
Prussia/America – Doing it wrong.
Russia/America – America returns for more after getting saved.
Russia/America – Cowboy America seducing Russia.
Russia/America in the cold war.
Russia/America mpreg.
RussiaxAmerica – Russian bride.
Russia/America - Tetris tournament + sex with Tetris Effect.
Russia/colonial!America, doing it because they know England won't like it.
Sweden/America - What would Sweden think of America's "The Mighty Thor" comics?
UK/US - phone sex.
UKUS - Post-War European Recovery Plan.
UK/US Prison sex. With Guard!Arthur and Prisoner!Alfred.
UK/US – Talking about Benedict Arnold.
UK/US with UK getting US drunk for the purpose of being able to top epically.
UK/USA – America works as a stripper for quick cash.
US/Anyone – Cowboy, riding them.
U.S./Canada - sequel to the doujin The Maple Is In Love.
US/Russia - playing chess.
US/UK - Alfred insults the English queen. Arthur gets furious, and Alfred has to make it up to him somehow.
USUK – Non-Con - Alfred rapes Arthur, plus mindfuck.
USUK – Allies playing matchmakers.
US/UK; America is very protective of England, going way out of his way to keep him safe and make his life easier.
US/UK - American Pie movie.
Us/Uk - The British Beer Company.
US/UK – Brits Gone Wild.
USUK - Colonial!America tries to seduce England.
US/UK - Cute non-smut Alfred/Arthur involving Cotton Candy.
USUK – England still sees America as a boy.
USUK – England transforms into Britannia Angel during sex.
USUK - Ex-courtesan/highclass prostitute Arthur AU.
USUK – Get find for loud sex.
US/UK: hot phone sex.
USUK – ‘Jerking.’
USxUK – Little Mermaid Crossover.
US/UK - "Iyaaa~n America, please go faster" - England.
USUK - Pirate!America versus England in the Battle of New Orleans in the War of 1812.
US x UK – Slash fans.
US/UK – US is seriously worried that England finds him nothing more than a colony of the British Empire and that their relationship thus far is a lie.
US/UK/US – Forbidden to see each other by their bosses.
US/UK/US - Playing footsie with bare feet.
USA/UK - Prostate.

OC/Non-Hetalia/RL Humans
Alfred hanging out with guys from the Tall Tales.
Alfred + State-tans - American Revolution.
America and Albania – She is a total Fangirl of America.
America geeking it up with his Founding Fathers.
America, Obama, and Bush - The first meeting between any nation and their new boss.
America (and others) search for Atlantis.
baby!America and Pocahontas, cute and fluffy.
G-20 - G20 countries meeting a Pittsburgh.
Parent States + Grandpa America - Creation of Washington D.C.
United States/Puerto Rico.
US+UK+ Dr. House - Hetalia/House MD crossover.
Yandere!America/Mexico - America finds out about the Zimmerman Note and is not pleased with Mexico.

All the male countries are at a world meeting debating...their penis sizes!
Allies - Boyband AU.
America/Canada/Cuba - America and Cuba have to try to set aside their differences and start talking to each other again. Canada comes along to mediate.
America, England, and France – Masturbation competition.
America, England, Japan – Tea Time.
AmerFran + CanUK – Mother Lover.
America/Lithuania/Russia - Liet superpower sandwich!
America + Other + England - Hetalia/Vocaloid Crossover - The English Language.
America throws a party after a successful world meeting and after a while, things start getting steamy.
America/UK+Various – Making a superhero movie.
Daddy!England+Colonial!America&Canada – Family fluff.
Death of a Salesman meets Hetalia.
Doctor!America->Patient!Canada<-Doctor!UK. Fighting over Canada.
England/America, America as the uke and loving it.
England/America/France - France and England seducing a shy!prudish!America in a three-way.
England/America and Liet/Russia. England and Russia end up changing personalities.
Ensemble – Robot AU – Nations are now robots.
Fem!US/Fem!UK/Male!France –Threesome.
France, America, England - Wine
FrancexUKxUSxRussiaxChina – In that order.
Hetalia/High School Musical AU.
Hetalia - Night at the Museum.
Hetalia and Ouran High School Host Club – Crossover.
Hetalia – Star Trek Crossover.
Korea/Prussia/America - Threesome of Profound Awesomeness.
Molossia/Sealand and UK/US – Micronations mayhem.
Multiple - 28 Weeks Later through nations’ eyes.
Multiple/America - Countries that allow same-sex marriage try to convince America to reconsider Prop 8, with sexy results.
Multiple - America proclaims it's Opposite day.
Multiple - Battle Royale crossed with Hetalia.
Multiple - Bleach Crossover.
Multiple - Group of blond nations having an orgy.
Multiple – Orgy at a restaurant.
Multiple - Singing Marukaite Chikyuu.
Mutiple - Which Marukaite Chikyuu is better.
North American (+Others?) dysfunctional family bowling.
Norway + England + America - America is unhappy with the fact that he wasn't invited to the sleepover.
Norway and North America - Norway trying to convince both America and Canada he discovered North America first.
Russia/America – 69.
Russia/America/Canada/Cuba in a messy complicated foursome relationship.
Russia/America/Canada – Russia rapes Canada and forces America to participa.
Russia/America- Through England's point of view.
Spain/France/England/Colonial America – shouta.
UK/US/FR – Possessive England.
UK/USA/JP - United states of Eurasia.
US/UK/Canada – DP with England in the middle.
USUKFra – Fighting over Arthur.
US/UK/France/Canada - Getting turned on by someone's native accent.
USAxUK – SpainxRomano – Making England/Spain jealous.

Tell me if I missed any.
8th-Feb-2012 03:26 pm - [Part 04] Filled Prompts
Here at last!
Don't be afraid to mention any fills I could have missed.

*OR the ones I just don’t know where they fit.
Alfred + Music.
America in 1950's greaser style.
America's love advice column.
America - Meeting the Jersey Devil.
America – Stereotypes.
America turns into a hot female version of himself anytime he drinks tea.
A prequel to "Opening Heaven's Gate."*
*Not based on a request, but inspired by another fill.
US, Pin up girl-esque outfit. [artfill]

America/Austria: "Smile. It's the best thing you can do with your lips."
Australia + America + fruit salad.

America/Canada: 5 times nation realizes that they're in love. | *Second Fill.
America/Canada - Addition to painkillers.
America/Canada - America discovers Canada's ahoge is an erogenous zone. | *Second Fill.
America/Canada: America falling in love with Canada and flips out about being gay. | *Second Fill. [Artfill]
America/Canada, America the fundamentalist.
America/Canada – ‘At Last’ by Etta James.
America and Canada - Bigfoot hunt.
America/Canada: Canada getting pregnant-- genderswitch.
America/Canada: closet fuck
America/Canada - first kiss.
America/Canada: glasses kink.
America/Canada, going over Niagara Falls in a barrel.
America/Canada – Letters.
America/Canada - One with America. | *Second Fill. | *Third Fill.
America/Canada - Sex while standing up. | *Second Fill.
America/Canada - shower sex.
America/Canada: "Tell me you love me"
Canada/America - Fun and kilts at the Highland Games.
Canada/America - Giving a blowjob to win an argument.
Colonial!Canada and America - Playing games.

China/America - Hetalia/Firefly crossover.

America/England - Alfred calls for sex during Arthur's meeting.
America/England - America helps England through brutal recovery.
America/England – England helps a broken!America.
(America)/England - Flag Desecration.
America/England - "I am a Rock."
America/England – Mysterious birthday gift.
America/England: Silent Hill Crossover. | *Second Fill.
America/England: tied face to face, frottage.
America/Fem!UK - Giving her Multiple Orgasms.
England!Child America - Little!America getting a booboo and England kissing it better.
England finding out that America is very adept at magic.
England/Young!America - . England giving Young!America a bath. | *Second Fill | *Art Fill
Fem!EnglandxAmerica-School Shojo Style. | *Second Fill.
Fem!US/UK - Bikini.
Fem!US/UK – Shopping.
little!America and pirate!England - America on a pirate ship. | *Second Fill [artfill].
UK/US - Alfred taking a bullet for Arthur, sweet ending.
USUK – Dirty cop. | *Second Fill.
UKUS – England believes America is cheating with France.
Uk/Us – Fall of the British Empire.
UK/US - orgasm from nipple stimulation; shota. + Sequel.
UKUS – Redcoat Uniform.
US/fem!UK - Slow Dancing.
US/Merman!UK - Alfred's on a Boat.
US/UK - Alfred as a hikkikomori.
USUK - America conquers England.
USUK - America fights the supernatural for England.
USxUK - American Revolution AU, England shoots. | *Second Fill. | *Third Fill.
US/UK: Arthur's fairytales feed Alfred's hero-complex.
US/UK, ass-felching.
US/UK - bad cooking.
US/UK based on the song "As Long As You're Mine" from Wicked.
US/UK - Based on video, USxUK ending, B: if Japan catches US seducing UK.
US, UK - Boston Massacre.
USUK – England gains mind reading powers.
US/UK - England's American Revolutionary War diary.
USUK - England finds America's storage room.
US/UK - England's watching a video of America dancing in only underwear and jacket.
US/UK - Finger-fucking while sitting down around others.
US/UK - Gakuen Hetalia AU.
US/UK - Going blind.
US/UK – Massage.
US/UK - "Outside blowing a fag."
America/England – Premonition.
US/UK - Prop 8 discrimination/abuse.
US/UK - sex with tea items.
UsxUk - Slave AU - Noble birth Arthur being sold off as a slave by his brothers to a new rich/peasant Alfred. | *Second Fill.
USxUK – Snuggle.[artfill]
USxUK – Spanking during sex.
US/UK - Teen!America gets turned on by sleeping in the same bed as England.
US/UK – Teen!America realizes he’s falling in love/lust.
US/UK, Time Travel to fix things.
US/UK - UK Cooks Good Food.
US/UK - US calls UK for phone sex on speaker phone with an audience.
USUK – Voodoo Doll.
US/UK - Writing on each other in bed.
USA/UK – Eyebrows.
USA/UK – Table sex.

America/Fanboy!France- After the American Revolution, all France talked about was America.
France/Colonial!America - France deflowers America, England’s Pissed.
Germany + Nations (America) – The Producers.

Germany/US - Speaking German in bed.

America/Romano - using each other to make England&Spain jealous.

America/Japan - Cherry Blossoms.
Japan and America swap bodies.
Japan/POW!America, non-con.
US/Japan - After the Atomic Bombs.

America/Lithuania - first time with each other.

Prussia/America, manly sex.

America/Russia - Embarrassing Underwear.
Russia/America, America scaring himself and sharing bed w/ Russia.
Russia/America - falling for rural America.
Russia/America – Great sex turns into non-con.
Russia/America - Ivan fucking Alfred with a Loaded Gun.
Russia/America, Love Letters.
Russia/America: Making out, steam, temperature difference.
Russia/America – Russian ballet.
Russia/America, Russia saying sweet things in Russian.
Russia/America - using human names to show intimacy.
Russia and America - Watching Anastasia for the first time.
Russia/Anyone(America) - Russia kidnaps one nation and keeps them in a cell.
Russia/America – Satellite of Love.
Russia/US: Ballet Date.

America and 1776 Musical.
America/Captain America
America/human - falling in love with a person. | *Second Fill.
America/Israel: Both Boycotting UN Meeting.
America and the Jersey Devil.
America, New Jersey - Daddy!America doesn't like NJ's Girlfriend.
America + States and Others – American Civil War.
Captain America/America Crossover.
California + Others – Mistaken for Alfred.
Romania/America – Vampires don’t sparkle.
Venezuela/New Jersey - Protective Daddy!Alfred.

Alfred/Matthew/Francis - Canada's ahoge as an erogenous zone. | Part 2.
All Nations - Chibi World Meeting.
All Nations - Harry Potter Crossover.
All nations - Nations going insane and becoming world conquerors.
All Nations - The nations trying to get through a meeting in sweltering hot weather.
America/Canada/England. Good Cop, Bad Cop Routine.
America, Canada, Spain, N/S Italy, France - Family bonding.
America/Canada + UK : Insane!America, torture, noncom.
America/Multiple – America enjoying pain/humiliation/fear.
America/Multiple – ‘Don’t fall asleep before me.’
America + Others. Disney Films. *Various Fills.
America + Others – Amnesia.
America/Russia/Lithuania – America takes them on a field trip to Kansas.
Australia/Canada + America - Bros don't sleep with bros bros.
Canada + France/America, Webcam sex
Canada + US listening to France and England over baby monitor.
England/America/Australia/Canada – Orgy.
England/America/Canada - America is not #1; double-penetration of America.
England/France + America + Canada -- Parent Trap Version.
Ensemble – Doomsday.
Ex-British colonies celebrate England's birthday + orgy time.
fem!France, England, Canada, America - fem!France with her family.
Fire Emblem/Hetalia Emblem.
France/America + Canada – Watching through a webcam.
France/England/America/Canada - France tied down.
France/UK + US - Alfred's Middle Initial stands for 'Francis'. | Final.
G8+2 crammed into a small car.
Hetalia/Firefly Crossover.
Multi!Pairs – Mass Wedding. | *Second Fill.
Multi!Pairs - My uke is louder than yours.
Multi!Pairs - stuck in a cold house.
Multi!pairs - uke!America - consensual pain & humiliation.
Multiple/America – Turning into a girl after drinking tea.
Multiple - Batshit!Nations.
Multiple – Card Games.
Multiple – Playing D&D.
North American Colonies - Italian Brothers are Uncles.
Russia, Canada, Australia, India, US - AU, if Russia owned a part of the Commonwealth.
U.K. + America + France/vampire!Canada. Vampirism transmitted through sex.
US/Canada/UK/France - Left 4 Dead.
US/UK/Canada - taking Canada's virginity (+ spanking).
7th-Dec-2011 01:11 pm - [Part 03] Unfilled Prompts
Alfred became a sex-fiend.
America/Peanut Butter.
America playing with Bo.
Americrack - If Palin became president.
Rock N Roll! US.

After reading the kink meme, America confronts England about totally being pedo for him when America was a colony.
America and Japan discuss "Dragon Ball: Evolution".
America and Sealand have some brotherly bonding in their mutual complaining about "jerk England."
America/anyone, with America's anthropomorphic penis as Florida.
America as a Victorian police and England as an independent consulting detective.
America/Belarus – America tries to cure her of her creepy but failing in an adorable sort of way.
America/Canada - America openly hitting on Canada in a meeting and Canada not getting the hint.
America/Canada, AU. Roomates, Canada reverts to his teen years.
America/Canada, fluffy and really awkward first-time sexin's.
America/China. Cheerleader roleplay sex with twin ponytailed, crossdressing cheerleader!China.
America, dressed as Rocky, brings one of the other nations to a theater where they play the movie Rocky Horror Picture Show.
America/England - America gets jealous of England's fairy friends.
America/England are the only ones oblivious to their feelings for each other. Meanwhile, the other nations talk about it behind their backs.
America/England, bad!sex.
America/England - Cuddling on a camping trip. Feeding each other marshmallows.
America/England The guys give each other lessons in Western and English riding (horses). This leads to riding lessons that don't involve horses.
America/Fem!Canada – Sequel to the sequel for the molest/rape fic.
America finally realizes that Arthur is in love with him.
America/France/America : Nasty breakup.
America/Germany – Arguing over whose beer is better.
America has girl scout cookies. He shares them with someone, and they get addicted to their deliciousness.
America is at his house reading over the manifest destiny, Canada walks in.
America/Japan - A hot, steamy, explicit affair. In an onsen.
America/Japan – First time with each other.
America/Japan - roleplay, America as the teacher and Japan playing the honor female student.
America makes it up to Russia by taking him to Disneyland.
America/Romano - Romano's beloved tomatoes came from America. He's never properly thanked him.
America/Russia - Cold War chess match between players from both Nations in which the Russian player wins.
America/Russia – Food sex.
America teases England mercilessly on Talk Like A Pirate day.
America/yandere!England – Stalking.
Australia/America - DROP BEAR incident, that results in the visiting country in need of some 'local reassurance'.
Australia showing America just how you should probably go about wrestling a huge alligator/crocodile.
Canada/America - America has a fight with England and ends up having spontaneous comfort sex with Canada.
Canada/America - America watching Canada play hockey for the first time, gets turned on by it.
Canada/America - Angry-Canada freaking out at America after an incident with FOX News.
Canada/America Matt decides to take advantage of Alfred being tied up (literally or not)in something and molests him.
Canada/America -- Stanley Cup.
Canada and America together representing Peace(Can) and justice(Us).
Canada x US – Imagining the other is Arthur.
China and/or Korea, offering America sexual favours. For a green card.
Doctor!Alfred gives Arthur a physical.
England/America – America dancing to "Britney Spears".
England/America America tries to prove how awesome he is to England by competing against Sealand on 'Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader' but loses.
England/America - England forcing America back into diapers. *
*Including here because art fill is no longer viewable.
England/America - In which Tony cockblocks England.
England and America having phone sex in anticipation of what they're going to do when they meet up at England's house for the G20 meeting next week.
Female!Maternal!England with little Alfred.
Fem!America/Anyone on the topic of the nineteenth amendment.
Fem!America/fem!Canada. America is jealous that Canada's rack is bigger.
Fem!America and Russia – Russia invites Oblivious!America to see his ‘nuclear missiles.
France/America - During the Revolutionary War. How do France and America come together as allies? How does England take it?
France/America - France "corrupting" America as revenge against England for Joan of Arc.
France/America - France discreetly tickling America's feet/legs during a conference.
France/US - France calls America on his bullshit.
Germany/America – Hate sex.
Greece/USA - Heracles is immensely confused by frat/sorority culture.
Hobo!Alfred x Stoner!Mathew.
James Bond!Arthur and Bondgirl!Alfred.
Lithuania/America: During his outsourcing, Lithuania hits his head and reverts to his knight self.
Nation tries to seduce an unwilling America until he finally admits that he couldn't even if he tried, because it's, well hurricane season.
N!Italy hanging out with America and having a flashback of his days with baby!America.
Rocky Bablboa!America vs. Ivan Drago!Russia - with all of Ivan's subordinates cheering for Alfred.
Russia/America - Assassins/Spies.
Russia/America – High School AU - bitchy rivals hiding their not-so-rivalish relations to the school.
Russia/America - KGB-style (or NKVD ) interrogation and abuse.
Russia/America – Russia took Alaska as a lease and now wants it back (Alaska is one of America’s feet).
Russia/America - www.cryingwhileeating.com
Russia/US - "I will break you."
Russia/USA - RUSSIA!Magazine.
Soviet Russia/America – Antarctica’s “no military actions".
Turkey/America - America loves exotic stuff and Turkey wants to show something exotic to America.
UK/SouthernAccent!US - Arthur strangely finds Alfred's southern accent completely and utterly sexy.
UK/US - America and England go on a little holiday, get drunk, and tie the knot.
UKUS - England topping the hell out of America. Must include spanking, blowjobs and blindfolds.
UK/US - One of the things America identifies himself with is apple pie, but England is going to remind him who gave that to him in his childhood.
UK/US - Revocation of Independence.
UK/US Standing sex against the wall of dressing room.
UK/US. What if the American Revolution had failed or never even begun?
UKxUS – With a Sonic Screwdriver.
UK/USA - America makes fun of England's culinary skills one too many times.
UK/USA - Playing Fatal Frame.
USxAnyone - Burger King Burger Virgins.
US/Austria - Where Alfred seduces Roderich in the Hollywood Bowl.
US x Canada - America forces Canada to give him a blow job in front of UK.
US/Canada – Alfred rubbing it in Matt’s face that he’s better at hockey.
US/China-Engrish Menu Challenge. US runs up a tab at Yao's restaurant that he can't afford to pay.
US/France - WW1 "Lafayette, we are here!"
US/Japan. Giant monster battle.
US/Japan - US Occupation after the war. Not dark, but guilt is ok.
US/Lithuania - One night, some innocent snuggling/tickling/a pillow fight turns into slow, sweet, passionate and utterly loving sex.
US/Russia. After the breakdown of the Soviet union.
US/Russia – CBT.
US/Sweden – Caramelldansen.
US/UK 69. With whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles.
US/UK - Alfred starts babbling in Spanish during sex. This turns on Arthur.
USUK – America finally deflowers England.
US/UK - America having sex with England is what turns him into Britannia Angel for a while.
USUK – America invites England to a gay bar.
USUK - America, with a blunt trauma to the head cause him to think that he's kid!America and England has to take care of him.
USUK - Arthur accidently drinks an aphrodisiac tea.
US and UK bickering over fictional detectives.
US/UK – Crack!fic – Awesome and brow beam.
US/UK - England makes fun of America by calling him "Columbia" and America fights fire with fire with "Britannia".
US/UK - French fries vs. chips.
US/UK - One of Arthur's spells misfires and turns Alfred into a woman.
US/UK - Sex in a ferris wheel.
US/UK – Special Relationship, special or not.
US/UK (one-sided) - The mistletoe kiss originated in England. The plant in that country doesn’t harm humans, but… American mistletoe is toxic.
US/UK/US - Sex on the beach, not the drink, the actual surf.
US/UK/US - Iraq War, desert fatigues, and tent sex.
US/UK yandere!UK.
Werewolf!England/America - England's a secret werewolf. This makes sex around the full moon very rough and animalistic.
White trash!US paired with chav!UK.

OC/Non-Hetalia/RL People
Alaska/America/Texas - Love-hatesex because Texas is jealous of Alaska.
Alfred x Clinton (Set during the Clinton years).
America/Andy Samberg.
America/Black!America - America tries to apologize for all the things he's done to her.
America/(fem)Puerto Rico - Rough sex, with America clueless.
America/Georgia – America thinks Georgia-the-country is Georgia-his-state.
America goes backpacking across Europe and tries (to little success) to convince the nations he meets along the way that he's actually Canada.
America gushing over the Obama’s family puppy.
America/Iraq, America calling out Iran's name during sex.
America/Japan - Obama Meets With Japanese Prime Minister.
America's wandering the White House hallways in all blissful ignorance when Bush steals his jacket away and calls security on his ass.
An American 'discovering America'.
Newly elected, appointed or crowned world leader being introduced to their country's nation-tan for the first time.
Reies Tijerina talking smack to America.
Russia/America, or Russia/Obama+America - I love your President, America! He's so TASTY!"
Scotland, America - Scotland meeting tiny America for the first time and bonding with him.
The Boss/(fem)U.S. - Metal Gear Solid X-over.
US/Matt Damon + UK/Ben Affleck - US is fucking Matt Damon, so UK starts fucking Ben Affleck.

A Hetalia/Sailor Moon xover.
America/England/Canada honeymoon, marriage to survive.
America and England gang-rape either Italy or Germany to make them talk.
America/Japan/England - America and England fighting over an unwilling and slightly frightened Japan.
America running around officiating Axes, or any Axis threesome.
America/Spain/S.Italy - Spanish-American war with angsty!Spain.
America walks in on France bad!touching England and gets angry/jealous.
Arthur and Ivan "politely" arguing in a bar on who should take homea drunk and/or passed out America.
Australia. Hanging out with his big bro's America and Canada.
Boxer Rebellion/China – Some nations want China, Finally America comes and heroically "rescues" China (by sharing).
Colonizing Mars.
England, America, Canada and France go on a talk show to sort out thier 'issues'.
England/America/China - Because America used to belong to one and more or less belongs to the other now.
Fight between England and France over America when France implies to England that he's interested in moving in on Alfred.
Fight club crossover: America is Canada's alter ego.
For a costume party, a bunch of Nations decide to get together and dress like characters who are their nationality that were created in another country.
France/UK/Canada/US - Extremely light on the angst, please.
France/America/Spain with France & Spain tag-teaming America.
Francis and Arthur as embarrassing dads to Alfred and Matthew!
Fr/UK/US/Can - Triple Penetration on Canada.
G8 decide to have an orgy, to fix the economy or for world peace or something.
G8 Meeting - All the countries bring along their younger selves.
G8 Superbowl Game. America drags all the other members of the G8 to watch the superbowl.
Germany/America/France - Germany and France praising/fanboying over Obama to America throughout the whole time they're sexing.
Hetalia Cooking Challenge.
Hetalia – Rocky Horror Picture Show crossover.
Hetalia football uniforms.
Hippie!America, attempting to introduce the other nations to the concept of "Free Love".
Korea, Taiwan and Japan argue about dorama, while China tries to ignore them and America is a complete fanboy.
Nations find some propaganda posters from the WW2 and Cold war era.
Nations telling ghost stories/legends from their own cultures.
Pimp!Arthur, prostitute!Matt and client!Alfred.
Russia/America/England- America masturbates while thinking of Russia.
Russia/Belarus/America - America trying to win Belarus's heart and Russia gets jealous.
Spain and America fighting over the profitable venture of exporting tomatoes to S. Italy.
Split-Personality America during the Civil War with England and France.
The EU nations and America sexing up each other in the face of the economic crisis.
UK/US and Lithuania/Poland. America and Toris as friends.
US, UK, France, and Canada - generic band au.
US, UK, Spain (and anyone else, really) → Battleship Duel.
X-Files/Hetalia crossover!

7th-Dec-2011 01:09 pm - [Part 03] Filled Prompts
Sorry for the long wait. Like always don't be afraid to mention any fills I could have missed.

*OR the ones I just don’t know where they fit.
America - Bulimia.
America has a nightmare that England is Captain Ahab chasing him and his whale.
America indulging in his African-American side a little.
America, listening to Ashlee Simpson.
America - modern tax protests and the Boston Tea Party.
America, OCD.
America - the Emancipation Proclamation.
America - The secret slips out. *multiple fills*
America the state of being a "nation".
America trying to drink underage.
America/?, verbal abuse.
America writes porn, the others reply.
Existentialism, 3rd Fill.
Hetaliaspotting – Nations on Drugs.
Human for a Year [America].
"Russia"/"America" - roleplay, pretending to be another nation.
The Real Hetalia (based on picture) US/UK [crack]
US/Bear arms – The right to BEAR arms.
US - Rhode Island Geography Fail.
US - Suicidal Alfred. | *Second Fill (AU).

Australia/America- America loses a bet, and winds up having to go to a ball dressed as a woman.
US/new!Australia- bonding in the Outback. | *Second Fill.

America/Belarus – Belarus as America’s little sister.

America/Anyone - Comfort after the Death of a President.
America + Canada Angst; 'Servant of Evil'.
America/Canada – Canada dies.
America/Canada – Canada will do anything for his brother.*angst/character death*.
America and Canada – Canadia is a classy name.
America/Canada, Maple Syrup
America/Canada- sex in a sleeping bag with France and England asleep beside them.
America/Canada, watching a scary movie.
America/fem!Canada- molesting canada in her bed. | *Sequel.
Anyone [???]/Canada - saying America's name.
Canada/America and The Pacific Northwest.
Canada/America genderbend, Canada a doting father.
Canada/America - "nobody loves me" (doors wide open).
Canada/America post-financial crisis gangbang. | Continued.
Canada/America - song references. | *Second Fill[artfill]
Canada/FemAmerica – Having a child.
Canada/US: America running the show everywhere BUT the bedroom.
Canada, US, Project MK-ULTRA.
Canada/Us US first time bottoming.
US/Canada – Fight end up in sex.

America/China - America pulling China's Hair during sex.
China/America - China gets frustrated by Rs and Ls.
China/America slutting it up for money.
US/China - "Me love you long time."

Denmark/America - America trying to get his hands on Denmark's cookies.

Alfred and Arthur arguing like father and son. | *Second Fill.
Alfred/Arthur - Celebrating first Independence day.
Alfred/Arthur - "Oh, that was Jesus-came-in-my-mouth-good."
America/England, America's first time masturbating.
America/England - England fattening America up.
America/England - Gang/Mobster!Alfred snaps.
America/England - Hetalia Stargate crossover.
America/England, library, America harassing England.
America/England - plane sex, uniform kink.
England/America - Adult America gets shrunk back to a kid.
England/America, America actually a virgin.
England and America, excessive coffee drinking leading to silliness.
England and America fighting while at a meeting with their bosses.
England/America- Arthur gets hot watching Alfred eat.
England/America - forced desperation/bladder control.
England/America - Labyrinth crossover.
England/America – Realistic First Time.
England/America – Roleplaying as Pirate!England.
England/America, Slaughterhouse-Five Discussion.
England/child!America – Pedophilia.
England/Colonial!America - Sexual Feelings During Rifle Teaching.
England develops a craving for an ice lolly whenever he's with America.
England discovers bulimic!America in the act of purging.
England, little!America, the Fae.
England + Fem!US; US is pregnant.
England and young!America - Salem Witch Trials.
Pre-revolutionary America starting to separate from England.
UK/FemUS -Someone molesting/raping fem!Alfred, Arthur finding out and then kicking the shit out of them. | *Second Fill.
UKxUS Atlantic Charter.
UKUS - America is almost seduced and taken away by a fairy until England comes to save him.
UK/US - America kissing/biting/licking England's feet.
UK/US - America rolls onto England while asleep, and England's unable to help himself.
UK/US - drunk!UK & oblivious!US. | *Second Fill.
UK/US - DVD Box Set & Jacket gifts.
UK/US - Existentialism?
UK/US, Great Depression, Hurt/Comfort sex.
UKUS – International Talk Like a Pirate Day.
UK/US - Marriage Proposal.
UKxUS - Pride and Prejudice.
UK/US Stamina and fast recovery rate, and US getting tired.
UKUS - US doing something for UK for once and UK not appreciating it.
UK/USA - Mile High Club.
US/Fem!UK; Oedipal Complex.
US/UK - 69-ing
US/UK - Airport Reunion.
US/UK - Alfred singing "Hero" to Arthur.
US/UK – Alfred spanks Arthur.
USUK - Arthur wakes up to find out he's 18 again.
US/UK - Bill and Ted xover / meeting younger selves.
USUK - Bondage sex.
US/UK - Britpop Serenade.
US/UK - embarrassed!Alfred.
USUK - England finds America’s strength both frightening and arousing.
USUK – England insults and hurts America, makeup sex.
US/UK - England tries to negotiate and ends up being fucked on America's desk.
US/UK - excusing, cuddle.
USUK – feeling rejected England goes to France, America is not happy.
US/UK - First Nuclear Bomb
US/UK Floriography : Language of Flowers.
US/UK hurt/comfort involving the 7/7 bombings.
US/UK – Kilts.
US/UK, MSN Sex.[artfill]
USUK - Self-harmer!UK
US/UK - Sex in a hammock.
US/UK - UK dies and US is heartbroken.
US/UK - UK's mobile phone [crack!fill].
US/UK - Unrequited love.
USUK - US reads Peter Pan and finds parallels between Peter and himself.
US/UK/US, Adult!America calling UK "Engwand" during sex.
US/UK/US, embarrassed!Alfred – Uk telling stories.
US + UK - "You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain."
USA+UK, World Conference couples dance contest![artfill]
US/UK - Eyebrow fetish.

America/France – France doesn’t let America drink.
Femme!France wants payment for helping Femme!US during the revolution.
France/America – America has to sell virginity, to pay debt to China.
France/America, the states as their kids.
France/America, Alfred gets turned on by inane French he doesn't understand.

America/Gearshift + Germany.
Germany/America; grammar sassing.
Germany/America – Stalking.

America/Italy – Domestic.
Mafia!South Italy/America.[artfill]

America/Japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, NO non-con. | *Second fill.
America/Japan - Nonconsensual, America topping.
America/Japan, poetry as seduction.
Suicidal!America, Japan.

America/Korea - The states as "states of mind"; North and South as bipolar disorder.
USA/Korea: The Moose.

America/Lithuania hurt/comfort.
America/Lithuania - first time with each other.

Prussia/Teen!America during the American Revolutionary War.

America/Russia 'Do You Hate Me?'
Russia/America- America wakes up to find himself naked, and laying next to Russia.
Russia/America; Cold war era Russia secretly fantasizes about farmboy!America.
Russia/America; corset piercing while restrained by barbed wire.
Russia/America, heavy BDSM, safewording, the safe word is “I love you”.
Russia/America: Living Together.
Russia/America - Seduction through poetry.
Russia/America, possessive!Russia and drunk America.
Russia/America - Russia finally conquers America. | *Sequel.
Russia/America- Russian spoken during sex.
Russia/America - Russia stalking America.
Russia/Fem!America - Lip and hand fetish.


America/Seychelles having sex on the beach.

Spain introduces horses to little!America.

Switzerland/America, Switzerland as Intermediary for Iran/America Hatesex.

America kills one of Russia’s sisters (Ukraine) *but not really*.

America being raped by Bush, hero Obama.
America/Canada with Provinces and Territories.
America - Dying soldier meets country.
America/F. Scott Fitzgerald - "Give me a hero, and I'll write you a tragedy."
America/Israel virgin.
America/Michigan, fluffy bonding time.
America/Nadya Suleman. America decides to be a true hero and take her kids away.
America/State (Missouri).
America/States (Massachusetts/America/New York).
America/States (Minnesota and Wisconsin, and bonus Canada), fluff.
America/State (Missouri).
America/Warren G. Harding - Bloviating.
Carmen Sandiego/Alfred, the sequel, now with civics fetish.
Clinton drags America along to meet Russia and the Russian Foreign Minister for a treaty.
England/Obama - England flirts with/makes a pass at President Obama, while Alfred watches jealously.
Liberty/Justice/America – America getting it on with the two girls.
Native American nations/America, broken promises.
The Devil's Work - Unsuspecting mortal must care for Alfred.
US/State (California)
US/State (North Carolina).
US/State (Washington).
US/Texas, US watches Texas shift from female to male over their history.
UK/US + Edward/Bella + Ron/Hermione - Triple Date.
US/UK - Barack Obama and Gordon Brown walk in on sex.

America -> ??? <- Canada – Gangbang (incomplete/abandoned)*
*A!A left it open for someone else to finish it.
America/Canada/Russia - Airplane.
America+England+Austria – America feels like he needs therapy, he goes to Austria.
America/England = Sealand – FML.com
America and France imitate Hunchback of Notre Dame. Canada + Uk watch.
America/Lithuania/Poland, America and Poland comforting Lithuania.
America, Ukraine (+Belarus, +Canada, +Russia) - Crazy!America, death, ANGST.
America/World- 9/11 as a Head Injury.
Anglo-Japanese alliance ended because of, among other things, pressure from Canada and the United States.
Belarus, Russia, Canada and America. – Bel and Russia have teamed up.
Canada, America, (bit of England) - First Snow.
Canada, America, Russia - Twin Eagles.
England/America, Done At Gunpoint by Russia.
England+ Colonial!America&Canada – Someone kidnaps the colonies.
England, France and Baby!America - How Alfred got his name.
France/Canada + US/UK - duelling over Canada.
France/England and Canada/America - France and Canada whispering things in French .
France, England, U.S., Canada: US and Canada taking care of kid!France and baby!England.
FrUK with Chibi!Canada/America.
Gakuen Hetalia – The characters have various ‘issues.’
GermanyAmerica/France - America is one hell of an engineer.
Hetalia Matrix crossover.
kid!America, kid!Canada & UK - it's Great Britain's birthday.
Russia/America/Canada - Cold war with Canada geographically in middle.
Russia/America + England – England tries to summon a (sparkly) vampire.
Russia(/England)/America: [Cold War AU] – Retributions.
The Nations learn about The Game.
UK/Canda/America Servicing UK for Father’s day.
US/Germany/France - Mechanic!US is an automobile-fixer-upper.
US/UK, with emphasis on Arthur as the grandfather of the states.
War of 1812 song.
World/America - America goes into isolation. | *Second Fill.
World/America - Financial Crisis (gangbang). | *Another Fill.
World/America – Taking America’s virginity.
World Conference Pokemon Tournament.
Zombie apocalypse. The countries vs. The legions of the undead.
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